Top 20 site for recon 2023

 Sure,about 20 service sites for recon:

 20 Service Sites for Reconnaissance: How to Gather Valuable Information about Your Target

In the world of cybersecurity, reconnaissance or recon is an essential process for discovering potential vulnerabilities and weaknesses in a target system or network. Reconnaissance involves collecting information about the target, such as IP addresses, domain names, email addresses, and other relevant data. By doing so, you can gain insights into the target's infrastructure and identify potential attack vectors.

In this article, we will discuss 20 service sites that can help you with your recon efforts. These tools and services are commonly used in the cybersecurity community and can provide valuable information about your target.

Shodan: This search engine is designed to locate internet-connected devices and systems, providing detailed information about the host, port, and service running on them. Shodan is often used for IoT recon and has become a popular tool in the cybersecurity community.

Censys: Another search engine that can be used to find internet-connected systems and applications. Censys offers detailed information about the host, port, and certificates, making it an excellent choice for recon.

ZoomEye: A search engine that provides information about open ports, services, and vulnerabilities in internet-connected systems and devices.

Netcraft: This tool is used to discover information about websites and hosts, including web server software, domain registration, and SSL certificates. Netcraft can also identify phishing attacks and malware infections.

Hunter: A tool that helps discover email addresses associated with a domain or company. It is useful for phishing recon and helps identify potential targets.

Spyse: A search engine that provides detailed information about the host, port, and DNS records of internet-connected systems and applications.

F-Secure Radar: A vulnerability scanning and management tool that helps identify and prioritize vulnerabilities in a target system.

VirusTotal: This platform is used for analyzing files and URLs for potential malware, viruses, or other threats.

GreyNoise Intelligence: A platform that helps identify suspicious activity and malware related to IP addresses, providing valuable insights into potential threats.

Rapid7: A vulnerability management and penetration testing tool that offers comprehensive scanning and reporting features.

Recon-ng: An open-source reconnaissance framework that provides various modules for data gathering and analysis, specifically designed for web-based targets.

The Harvester: A tool that helps gather email addresses, subdomains, and other information about a target, using various search engines and social media platforms.

SpiderFoot: An open-source reconnaissance tool that automates the process of gathering information about a target, including DNS records, subdomains, and open ports.

Amass: An open-source tool for discovering internet-facing assets, including domains, subdomains, IP addresses, and ports.

OSINT Framework: A comprehensive collection of open-source tools and resources for reconnaissance and threat intelligence.

PassiveTotal: A threat intelligence platform that aggregates data from various sources, including DNS, WHOIS, and SSL certificates, to provide insights into potential threats.

Maltego: A data visualization tool that helps identify relationships between entities, often used for social engineering and phishing reconnaissance.

Nmap: A popular port scanner that helps identify open ports and services on a target system.

Wappalyzer : A browser extension that helps identify the technologies used by a website, including web servers, CMS platforms, and JavaScript libraries.

WhatWeb: An open-source reconnaissance tool that identifies the technologies used by a website, including web servers, CMS platforms, and programming languages.

In conclusion, recon is an essential part of any cybersecurity assessment or penetration testing. The above-mentioned tools and services

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