Vulnerability xss in web XZY $5,000 BOUNTY WRITEUP

 Title: Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) vulnerability in XYZ web application 

Severity: High


During my testing of the XYZ web application, I identified a Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) vulnerability that allows an attacker to inject malicious code into the application and potentially take over user accounts. This vulnerability is caused by improper input validation and lack of proper sanitization of user input.

To reproduce this vulnerability, I performed the following steps:

1. Navigated to the application login page and entered a specially crafted username and password combination.

2. Submitted the login form and observed that the application accepted the input without proper validation.

3. Accessed a page on the application where user-generated content is displayed (e.g., a forum post or a comment).

4.Injected a malicious script into the user-generated content using a web proxy tool (e.g., Burp Suite).

5. Waited for another user to access the same page and trigger the injected script.

6. Observed that the script executed in the context of the other user's session, potentially allowing the attacker to take over their account.

By exploiting this vulnerability, an attacker could gain access to sensitive user data, modify or delete user data, or launch further attacks against the application or other users.


An attacker could use this vulnerability to:

Steal sensitive user data, including personal information or financial data.

Modify or delete user data, including account settings or user-generated content.

Launch further attacks against other users or the application itself, using the compromised account as a foothold.


To fix this vulnerability, I recommend implementing proper input validation and sanitization of user input to prevent malicious code injection. Additionally, the application should be updated to the latest version to ensure that all known vulnerabilities are addressed.


2022-02-01: Initial report submitted to the XYZ web application team.

2022-02-02: The team acknowledged receipt of the report and began investigating.

2022-02-10: The team confirmed the vulnerability and assigned it a High severity rating.

2022-02-15: The team provided a patch for the vulnerability and asked me to verify the fix.

2022-02-18: I verified the fix and confirmed that the vulnerability was no longer present.

2022-02-20: The team thanked me for my report and awarded me a bounty of $5,000 for the finding.


I agreed to a coordinated disclosure with the XYZ web application team, which allowed them time to fix the vulnerability before public disclosure. The vulnerability was publicly disclosed after the patch was released and users were advised to update their accounts.

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